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Colored crowd planet


Sneaky Rinse/ Duende Dogs tour of Brittany (part 1)

Work in Progress……part…ah sure….done!

Smoking Area

As you can see with the magic of photoshop (Gimp really!), this long experiment has resulted in this, First with the drawing there was a long process with the polygonal lasso tool, design for a silkscreen print and realized I didn’t need to stop at any point and added extra details such as shading and light effects, quite handy how much you can add with the help of software, might tweak it again as I’m always a little obsessive compulsive on these things…..

Well the subject matter is always open to interpretation, I say just imagine what the guys are talking about, that would be a helpful start to the imagination! Anyway its been educational and will most likely improve on the next one so keep tuned!