The Russian Man

img109The Russian man

Quite an intense individual

He handed me two maps

For my open ended schedule

“You like this or you like that?”

One in Russian, one in Hebrew

I was taken back with a gulp

“What you want? One or two!?”

I froze, he got pissed

On context

I didn’t know what I missed

Was it my manners?

But it was to my astonishment

He left in a huff

The Russian man

Quite an intense individual


006Constant awareness is a tricky thing

When you think you’re awake

It comes at an instant

You wake up

Then for a narrow instant you are remembering

The memory of existence has been digitized

Substituted experience for dependence

The substance real to mind synthesized

Launches contemplation of conscience

Wide recognition with momentous fame

Another letter to your name

It might be a dream

Do keep in mind

The good ones are on sight

And the wrong if you might

May even come true

Who is to know

What has past came true

For me and you so

The Voyeur

As a new upgrade for this device on the market came out, this time it can explore a new dynamic in the way we interact with each other as well as alter out behavior in ways only the minority victim would notice. The new app makes them guilty of something, something they never talked about to anyone for they have kept it for granted that there was no issue until now. This new exposition is now rocking this populous out of their cages to the light of prying or awestruck eyes given the mystery of this new event that will be published, television and discussed in the living rooms, the work place as well as the scene of the crime. Which may never cease to exist amongst each other now has become a problem. One of our privacy and security and even our freedom to be invisible to a monster that drags you in order for personal gain.

One predator amongst the herd camouflaged in the groups fashion but straggled together from charity shops feels the need to infiltrate an expose this great discovery as reaching for a great position to receive the signal represented by a green graphic on the screen.


Sneaky Rinse/Duende Dogs tour (part2)