Horse Hair Live

Horse Hair Live


Been on youtube live, doing a House set, have a look!





His nickname was “Coco”.

He was a little older, perhaps a little younger than myself at the time. He was lodging with PHD students in a college student estate in Rennes. His job was to deliver bread in the morning, a life quite different to my own. He was definitely not a morning person as he politely asked in his english not to talk to him as he sipped his coffee gazing out on the balcony in quiet reflection. I understood it was nothing personal but knew our common ground was only the apartment we were inhabiting. Couchsurfing was a cheap alternative to hotels and hostels, it relied on the generosity of other mutual thinkers but it was a practice of vagrancy to an extent.

Playing guitar for an Irish rock band traveling around Britanny for just ten days, six gigs was fun but near the end I was nearly paralyzed with fatigue after each performance. I planted myself on the couch in the living room just smoking barely being able to move or talk but was keen on practicing my french for it was near to my grandfathers native tongue.

Even though the band were like family to me, I was growing tired of being close knit in the collective and needed some of my personal space. But did always find it refreshing to communicate with new people by any means necessary for I wanted my experience be fulfilling on a personal level and experiencing Breton culture from person to person. Really I cared little about pursuing the usual pleasures of good weather and great food like others who went on their holidays as found greater enjoyment out of making new friends.

As we were living the rock and roll lifestyle I wanted to take consideration towards the people who weren’t and had to arise at the crack of dawn to earn their daily bread(sorry for the pun). As friendly as could muster in my hangovers ever morning waking up to a mess we had to clean up for common courtesy to the residents. Was feeling a shame in living irresponsibly while many others had to make a honest living, although felt nothing more that a homeless traveling minstrel with an exaggerated ego.

Nevertheless the life I always wanted seem to be taking off but when reality struck, my eagerness to pursue it further was beginning to weaken a little as of my stamina and energy levels were depleted near the end of the journey.