A Debate Provider



Donald Trump

What a dude

Comes across

Rich and rude

Donald Trump

What next will he say?

On the news


Donald! Donald!

Say it again

We need more news

It should not end

Trump you devil

You swine and fart

Outrageous statements

Giddy up and start!

We got bored

Then we got thick

Arguing with friends

Over issues of our pick

Donald Trump

The great divider

Donald Trump

A debate provider


The Russian Man

img109The Russian man

Quite an intense individual

He handed me two maps

For my open ended schedule

“You like this or you like that?”

One in Russian, one in Hebrew

I was taken back with a gulp

“What you want? One or two!?”

I froze, he got pissed

On context

I didn’t know what I missed

Was it my manners?

But it was to my astonishment

He left in a huff

The Russian man

Quite an intense individual



Oh dear gracious me

I have stumbled upon a audience that I’ve boastfully managed to captivate

Where are my manners?

Where could they be?

For it was nothing I say

Just a brisk venture of me if you count my own jibber jabber.

Pardon me.

To whom I say

I expected nothing

Which is better than the reason I left the previous place

They amused but fail to accommodate

My own frivolities to some of whom may consider

Hear or ignore

I mean no harm

Just for a way home

For its bed I roam

In front of the computer

Nothing good on TV

Where is my love?

Where could she be?