Gerald’s Ride

by Noah Hamilton

Gerald after finding himself broke on the street, he walks a by few embassys and ends up thinking of emigrating. No work for him in this country and he missed his last sign on day. He stopped and realized he had no idea where in the city he was as he never ventured down this street before. He froze thinking the only option was to go back to his messy apartment, rent was overdue and didn’t not want to be there when his landlord was calling around for more money. A car drove passed and then turned around back towards him. He looked to see it was a new Audi car with tinted windows, it pulled over and the window slotted down….

Hector: Hey young man, sorry to bother you but do you know where the closest bathroom is, my daughter needs to go.

Gerald: I haven’t seen one for a mile to be honest, I walk past a pub way back over there.

Hector: Could you show me to it?

Gerald: Umm….

Hector: I’m Hector and this is my daughter ,Amelia

(the back window comes down and reveals a young woman, she smiles but there is embarrassment in her eyes)

Amelia: Hi!

(Gerald smiles and waves but rather rather confused)

Gerald: Hey

Hector: Hop in and you can show us

Gerald: Ok

(Gerald goes in the front seat and looks at Hector and then looks back at Amelia, another embarrassed smile)

Gerald: So you go up this road and take a left, there are a few other turns, I’ll show you

Hector: Great, thanks. Whats your name young man?

Gerald: It’s Gerald

Amelia: I love your name, it is as strong as you look

Gerald: …..Thanks

(The ignition starts, they take off down the road)

Hector: So what do you do for a living son?

Gerald: I’m looking myself

Amelia: I’m looking too

Hector: Its hard for a lot of people, you are not alone Gerald

Gerald: Tell me about it, what do you do Hector?

Hector: I’ve retired early, big pay windfall came though it won’t last forever you know but we always help others out when we can

Gerald: That sounds genuine

Amelia: I was in a crash last year

Hector: It’s been hard on her

Amelia: So hard

Gerald: Really sorry to hear about that, are you ok?

Amelia: My legs don’t work any more but there is hope in stem cell treatment I’ve don’t a lot of research so far

Gerald: That sucks

Amelia: It hasn’t been easy, but we’ll get there

Gerald: Oh yeah, here is the next turn, we are close

Amelia: I hope we are close, I can burst at any moment

Hector: Thanks for this Gerald. One more favor, could you help me get her out, I know this is the wrong car for this job but the van is in the garage, we got this on loan.

Gerald: Sure thing

(The car pulls over to the pub, Dooleys is the name. Gerald hops out to open the door for Amelia while Hector opens the boot to retrieve the wheelchair.)

Amelia: Quickly, get me on the chair, just grab me Gerald, no time!

(Hector unfolds the wheelchair)

Hector: Don’t worry I got this, you hold the chair steady

(Hector struggles to lift Amelia out of the car while Gerald holds the chair)

Gerald: You ok there?

Hector: I got it…wait, my back hurts, could you get her arms, just put your arms under hers and lunge her upright.

Gerald: Ok, wait a second

Hector: Now

(Gerald puts his arms under Amelia’s from behind)

Hector: Like you are giving her a bare hug

Gerald lunges Amelia upright but nearly struggles as his right hand is almost grabbing Amelia’s left breast

Amelia: Ow

Gerald: Sorry, sorry

He gets he upright and secure

Hector: Now we got to get her up these steps

Amelia: come on! I don’t want this happening again….Thanks Gerald for this

Gerald: No problem, we’ll get you there I promise

Hector and Gerald wheel her up each step, one by one until the get through the front door of Dooleys

Hector: We are here, though I forgot to lock the Audi, could you take it from here Gerald?

(Hector winks at Amelia)

Hector: You’ll be ok honey

Amelia: Love you daddy

Gerald: What do I do Hector?

Hector: Just get her in the ladies, I’m just going to park the car around the corner, be back in five minutes

Hector bewildered but pushes her through the pub past a few old men turning their heads and sniggering at Gerald

Barman: Oh Amelia, back again with a fella I see, shall I put one on for you? The usual is it?

Amelia: Yes please, and another for him too

Gerald: What?

Amelia: Don’t worry honey, I got this, now get me in there please

(Gerald is getting more concerned as an old lady opens the door for her)

Amelia: Thanks mam!

Gerald: Whats going on?

(The door locks behind them)

Amelia: Ok Gerald, I saw how you looked at me at first, and I know you enjoyed touching me

Gerald: But don’t you need to take a shit or something?

Amelia: Thanks for bringing me this far but I never needed too, I’m just going to say it straight

Gerald: Listen but….

Amelia: Can’t I eat your dick?

(Gerald pauses, Amelia pulls out a wadd of fifty notes)

Amelia: I’ll say this again, can I eat your dick?

Gerald: ……….

Amelia: Can I take that as a yes/

(From outside they hear Hector)

Hector: It means perform oral sex on you and you will get money for it, what are you gay?

Gerald: I’m not gay?

Amelia: Than what are you waiting for? unzip and put it in my mouth and don’t pull out until I swallow

Hector: Do it son!

(moments later as the door is unlocked, Amelia leaves Gerald in the ladies bathroom. Gerald looks in the mirror and looks at a wadd of cash in his hand, Hector puts his head through the door)

Hector: You coming to join us for a pint? We should talk about a job for you, it can be a regular thing if you don’t mind?

Gerald: She just raped me, and you let her do it. And what the fuck is her mother doing here!

Hector: All in good time, you needed the money right?

(Gerald looks at the cash in his hand)

Hector: I say you got a good deal there, don’t blow it. Now come on, you don’t want Amelia to take on another candidate, or do you? It’s up to you.

Within that moment a shot gun blasts and Gerald finds himself covered in blood, its Hectors head all over him, more blasts come throughout the bar and Gerald is stuck in the ladies bathroom.

Gerald: Oh shit what the fuck?

In the bar: Give it to him!

Bam! Bam!

(More shooting as one round goes through the wall and breaks the mirror, Gerald sees a window above the the toilet as the cubicle door swings open, he legs it and places his foot above the toilet seat and cistern to try and squeeze as much as he could through the opening, he flips over and falls seven feet on his back onto tarmac)

Gerald: My fucking back!

(As he’s straining himself to get up he notices his earnings float down to the air until….

Boom! A grenade goes off in the pub flinging debris and broken glass everywhere. Gerald’s vision goes and his ears start ringing with tinnitus…

But Gerald wakes up to find the fifty notes floating down onto his face.)

Gerald: Ugh

(He notices Amelia alive on the ground with him zipping his fly up, the bathroom is a mess with the wheelchair on the other side of the room.)

Amelia: Made it rain Gerald! you made it rain.

As the fifty notes are everywhere and Gerald perches himself up, Amelia grabs his left shoulder and pulls him into direct eye contact to say:

Amelia: Now if you ever spout shit about me to the cops, my dad and everyone in this bar will make you just like me in this chair!

Gerald: Couldn’t you have let me had that drink first?

The End