Ophelia and Katya (part 4)

Part 4

Ophelia woke up with a headache and every other ache imaginable. But at least she was in a clean bed for the first time in a year, it even had a pillow that smelled fresh. Sitting beside her was Katya who greeted her with a smile.

Katya: Here take this

Handing her a glass of water and some solpadiene, Ophelia reached out for the solpadeine and swallowed with a slight gag ignoring the water until Katya insisted she drink it. Opheilia was almost used to discomfort through her years of abuse.

Katya: You think you are a soldier, do you?

Ophelia: Soldya for real

she muttered

Katya: You never give up on being a bitch, do you?


Katya: And don’t tell me again to…

Ophelia: Fuck….

Slap! Katya smacked her in the face

Katya: You never have been nice were you!

Ophelia started to whimper, her eyes watered profusely and wailed.

Ophelia: I wish I was never born! Everything is shit, everyone is shit, the whole world can go fuck itself, you should of hit me harder, I deserve it!

Katya began to cry as well, she was always under the impression that she had it good compared to her, tried to embrace her but Ophelia pushed her away spouting her usual profanity

Ophelia: Will you fuck off you lesbian!

Katya was so angry but she had to leave there was nothing she knew how to salvage in this situation, as she thudded down stairs Ophelia whispered out katyas audible range…

Ophelia: ….Come back….

Katya was already gone.


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