Ophelia and Katya (part 3)

Part 3

Ophelia got a passport when she was eighteen, she went straight to Ibiza around the clubs where she met Rick who happened to be from the neighboring county nearby. Rick dealt cocaine and a substance that was new on the market, she met him outside a small club and asked him for a next of a joint he was smoking to himself. Ten minutes later in a bathroom cubicle they were snorting lines and consummating their relationship under the eye of a camera phone which was snuck under the door by one individual who ended up posting it online to a pornsite. The video got a hundred thousand views though they were never aware of that. That man with a camera phone was found dead in his apartment after another video was posted to the same channel but with two men in balaclavas with baseball bats. Ophelia and Rick went home to his parents of whom ran a local pharmacy. For two years and seven overdoses later Ophelia decided to run away after finding her results came out positive, when that happened she wasn’t the only ones results came back positive as Rick took his out of a strange curiosity. When a man’s results come back positive it is said to be a sign of testicular cancer, poor Rick though he was a bit of a prick to begin with.

Moments after Ophelia’s ordeal in the harbor, Katya was briefly absent to find help. Ophelia was found by Benjamin an Israeli nineteen year old who was avoiding the draft back in his country. It was his lowest point but he thought he needed a passport that he could try to forge for reasons that were quite beyond his capabilities but it was a state of panic for him. It was a pointless theft as he managed to sneak out of customs due to the distracted security when aiding Ophelia.


Benjamin was born in Jerusalem but lived with his uncle in Peta Tikva, commonly known as the detroit of that country as stabbings were a frequent thing, Ben didn’t want revenge as his uncle was murdered on a bus amongst three others on their way to a protest in Rothschild street in Tel Aviv, the knife welder was reported as a deranged arab but it really was an extremist hacidic jew, so Benjamin had enough, he wanted out……



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