MonaThe biggest and most concerning problem in today’s society is processional detachment with a way of life that has been replaced by electronic communication of which in essence is a facade to a mass delusion of social connection. It seems since we don’t live up to the standards of modern expectation, we cheat ourselves with a fantasy to an extent that wee have forgotten what is actually before our eyes and other senses. Yes we are in the so called matrix now, and zombies in real life, something we thought we were free from the previous monster that was once the old fashioned genocidal maniac which used to be religion to something more imaginatively sinister and subjugating. Most of us won’t admit it to ourselves, even lie that everything is great but we are just puppets being exploited by our own vanity.

There is now a new generation so immersed in it that the features and options that exist online are believed to be option in the reality that is soon diminishing completely. Sure we had it for decades but it has now accelerated to an extent it has taken hold in the psyche of what was once humanity. We are trapped and we play by the masters rules, the master of which is a network, more than half of it is porn but we don’t talk about that as much.

Many have experienced a practice called “ghosting”. A cowardly last resort of zombies who can’t argue back so they ignore even to a scary extent on a mass scale and it is encouraged by the options we are given on a silver platter at lightning speed. It is sad to see it being practiced in real life but it is as simple to an excruciatingly absurd consequence, depression and isolation come next, the end goal of it can end in disaster when left alone but that is the new form of natural selection of how we can cope with ourselves in the end, some can’t and in many cases destroy themselves and others.

The internet is out to get us if we object, by deletion. And we are letting it happen for exchange of the infinite source of information that we are herd towards. Even if we say we are different, that still has a price on it.

We are with sin and we get blackmailed for it always. We are alone. But give a like fuckface or a dislike as if your opinion mattered, it never did, it just informed the enemy of which is yourself.

And I mean in the most genuine way, your face is being fucked and you might be one to pay a thousand dollars to get it done. But nevertheless, enjoy this dystopia because there is the facilitation of your dreams but hey, you got to sacrifice your waking life for it.


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